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See why our customers love our services!

"Thank you for the great car wash. As always, you and your crew cover all the details and my car looks great when you are finished. I love it when my car is clean and I love the job you do washing my car. The windows are always clean and not streaked and even the cupholders are clean! I also like the convenience of having you come to my office to wash my car.


I highly recommend you to anyone who wants a great car wash or detail and will continue to use you for all my car wash and car detailing needs."

-M. Kory

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"I would like to take advantage of this moment to thank you for all the wonderful service you have provided me with at the end of 2013. My goal was to have all my trucks and my van clean by the beginning of this New Year. You have always satisfied me and my wife with the magic you do on our cars. Never have I had one doubt when it comes to your car cleaning service. Once again thank you very much for all your incredible service you have happily given us."

-R. Robles

"Thank you for doing such a great job on my boss's car. It's always scary to refer your boss to a local business in fear of them doing a bad job, but in your case I don't have to worry. The car came out shining like it was brand new.


Margaret always talks about what a wonderful job you did. The tires look like new with shiny rims and a spotless finish. She's so happy with your work, she will be referring you to her friends and family."

- C. Goldberg

"Thank you Javier for doing a wonderful job on cleaning my car. I really appreciate your hard work. Whenever my cars looks dirty I call you and tell you that my cars could use a wash off!!! That’s when you come and do your magic as if it was a piece of cake.


After you’re done I look at that car and say, “Wow, this guy sure knows how to clean a car!, and guess what it looks just like I imagined it, good as new! Ones again thank you very much for all your help. I could never find a friend that helps me like you do!"

- R. Robles

"I would like to thank Javier for renewing my car. After getting my Cobalt back from my teenage son due to him leaving for the Army, I did not feel it was presentable enough to be seen in . If you can imagine after 3 years of it not being cleaned, it was filthy. Who knows what was spilt all over the seats and carpets. It was in need of a deep cleaning but finding the time to take it to a car shop was difficult.


Javier and his team not only restored my vehicle but they did this while I was working, in the back of my building parking lot. I couldn't have asked for more and now my Cobalt looks better than ever.


I look forward to continuing business with you."

- D. Goldberg DDS

"Thank you for the fabulous job washing my car. You and your crew always cover all the details and my car comes out looking great! I am quite particular about my car and Javier, you have never once disappointed me! I always feel confident that your work will be flawless. Not a drop of water in a doorjamb, the cup holder is clean and not a fingerprint can be found on the navigation screen. Not to mention, I enjoy the convenience of having you come to my office.


Gone are the days of aggravation of getting into my car after a car wash to find a streak on the window or a spot on the hood!  Paper in the ashtray and fingerprints on the navigation screen!


I recommend you to friends and colleagues and will continue to use you for all my car wash and car detailing needs."

- H. Stock

"I want to take advantage of these moments to say thank you for your work. Thank you for always being willing to come and do the work when most needed. I could never think of another person washing my cars. Thank you for being a great friend. I obviously can tell that you are a professional. Whenever a friend needs their car washed I know I can recommend you. And I am sure that you will do your best. Thank you once again."

- G. Robles